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Tours of Italy

Marcello Russodivito was nominated Ambassador of Italian Cuisine and Way of Living by the Italian Government in 1997. Over the years he has helped many people tour Italy and visit many historic and beautiful places. Italian-speaking or not, Marcello can make visiting Italy extremely easy and stress free. 

Tour Italy with Marcello - Don't you wish when you are somewhere unfamiliar you could have all the tips and tricks of the area? Marcello will let you know when its best to visit certain places, what to wear, how much to eat at certain times of the day, and the best places to do your shopping to maximize the days of your trip!

Sept 3 - Sept 12 2019

Abruzzo,Molise, and (Amalfi Coast & Capri)

Sept 15-24 2019


Umbria Tuscany and Liguria


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